The Pursuit of New frontiers in Africa is focused on Nigeria & Kenya. We are planning to establish “ Padiyath Medicity” one in Lagos - Nigeria & One in Nairobi - Kenya. This positioning of our Medicities will cover Africas North & North East(Lagos- Nigeria), The West (Nairobi-Kenya) & The South Central(Kinshasa-DRC) parts of the African continent. This we will addressed as “ The GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF HEALTHCARE” in Africa. These 3 Medicities will be the Most Major Referral Hospitals in Africa. They will cater the continent of Africa and we intent to start Primary and Secondary Healthcare Infrastructure In all the countries of Africa. These centers will be referring to the Medicities For the Superspeciality Healthcare requirements .

It is the vision of our chairman Dr.Hazeeb Rahman Padiyath by which we hope to built a world class Healthcare Infrastructure with a Technically advanced, very High Quality Human Expertise & at highly Affordable rates. We also understand Growth through innovation is essential for leadership and more than size, exploring new horizons and embracing new technologies are just as important. We at Padiyath Healthcare Strive under our Visionary Leadership Just to do that and achieve growth in all verticals of healthcare there by providing Dependable Healthcare Infrstructure as well as living upto our social responsibilities through our Corporate Social Responsibilities activities as well as Padiyath Foundation,and organization into charitable activities and helping Communities to Develop.