Quality Policies

We at Padiyath Healthcare take Quality as basis around which the institution is built and developed. The actions planned and taken in the way forward are aimed only at Setting the Quality standards above or at par with other world class facilities . All the aspects of our approach and attitude are widely seen on our punch line of Technology-Technique & Touch. We Intent to Place Systems in place on which the institution is moved forwards and timely evaluvation of the systems and policies are done for better quality based service delivery in all verticals of business. We also believe that our Human Resources are the biggest aaset to our Organisation

Quality Education and Training

The Client feedback evaluation is one of the major evaluation and improvement tools in addition to self improvement processes and procedures applied across the organization.

Quality Evaluvation Methodology

The Methodology is fully based on the Systems, Processes ,Client feedback and set international Quality Control standards.The Methodology we are developing our Quality standards is the FME (Failure-Mode & Effect )Analysis. We create the systems as per international Healthcare standards and then evaluvate our systems effective including our HR behavioural patterns to the client and thrive on ability to improve constantly.